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The Warnes Academy

5th February 2019

At RWT we’ve all been affected by Roger’s “get it done” approach.

We all need drivers, and people of all ages need the opportunity to learn. We know there’s some great scheme’s around but we’ve worked out that we should focus on just what we need rather than the peripherals. So, we formed the Warnes Academy to establish a stream of people who we can train “the Warnes way”.

We have plenty of people who need help to fund the training so we allocate a portion our budget to do just that. It’s an expensive and time consuming process so some of our candidates work part time in the workshops learning the maintenance ropes in between their ongoing school or further education courses. It’s giving those who are coming to the end of their school days, work experience and they’re so enthusiastic, fulfilling their dreams of working with trucks

Once they’ve got their “C” licence, it’s a steady introduction to the world of bulk tipper operations, often repetitive which gives them plenty of opportunity to get used to driving on and off road without them being too far from home, just in case they need help!

Then it’s the C+E training and test, the pass rate is very good with our friends at Hamiltons doing a great job teaching the trainee what’s needed. The newly qualified drivers are always chomping at the bit so we get them behind the wheel of an artic tipper or moving floor quickly, pairing them up with one of our many experienced drivers who are always ready to help and give the benefit of their experience.

The average age of our driver team is 46 which is a good few years lower than reported national average age of drivers, we like that because we’re all about the future. That said, we have a number of people who’ve fulfilled their ambition to become a truck driver in their middle age. Not surprising really, when you see the interior of our up to date fleet you’ll see what fantastic machines these trucks really are!