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The New Era

1st January 2019

Over the past couple of years the company has undergone a lot of internal changes. A lot of new faces have joined the team, some old ones have left and some have been promoted. We been working hard on building a ‘team’ to improve internal and external communication. Here is a quick timeline of the changes we have undertaken, all of which will contribute towards a better service for our customers:

2015 Introduction of TomTom Webfleet. As the first vehicles come to the end of their initial 3 year contract, we are still very impressed with the features and reliability Webfleet offers us. With a recent overhaul of the whole website and now the with remote tachograph downloads it gives us all the information we need to improve efficiency.

September 2016 - Ian Barclay, possibly the biggest influencer in the ‘new era’. Coming from Aspray24 he brings a true professionalism to RWT, a new experience for us all!

October 2016 - Carl Meek, Ian’s first big signing. Carl was introduced in a new position as Fleet Administration Manager and has proven to be a very valuable addition to the team. He also runs the ATF, if you need an MOT or tachograph calibration give him a call.

January 2017 - Ian Barclay was appointed as Operations Director.

February 2017 - Company Director and Fleet Engineer Andrew Wall retired after over 40 years with the company. He left behind some big shoes to fill…..

May 2017 - Rob Davies joins the traffic team as an Assistant Traffic Manager after previously being a driver for one of our customers. 

June 2017 - Introduction of Transmas from TDI Software, the traffic management system we now could not be without. After an onsite demo, we made the switch in under a month. After some initial teething issues we haven’t looked back, we can now offer customers more visibility and features than ever. If you are interested in this please get in touch.

November 2017 - Introduction of Disc Check from TDI Software, the tachograph analysis solution that works seamlessly with Transmas. The user experience and simplicity of the software we believe is unrivalled in the industry.

April 2018 - Both of Rogers sons, Tim and Ben were appointed as directors of the company. Tim as Logistics Director and Ben as Technical Director.

May 2018 - Jamie McCann a long serving member of the Traffic Management team was promoted to Transport Manager to take over from Neville Alderton (director) as he slows down towards retirement. Jamie overseas a team of traffic managers to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible.

May 2018 - Rob Davies after 12 months with RWT is promoted to Senior Traffic Manager. He has gained experience quickly, with the right attitude and work mentality he now heads up the rigid and articulated tippers.

May 2018 - Dave Graham after starting with RWT at 16 over 5 years ago is promoted to Assistant Technical Manager. He keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes and has a good understanding of the whole business. He has now taken over the sign writing department from Ben Warnes, for over 10 years we have done all of our own sign writing in house.

June 2018 - Gavin Greer was promoted internally to Fleet Engineer after many years as a technician with RWT. He has great knowledge of the business and is keen to make changes to improve where we can. Gavin and Carl make a great team, there isn’t much that gets past these two!

June 2018 - Michael Simmons joined the traffic team with experience of the sector. He has fitted straight in as an integral part of the team. He brings a good calmness to office which can be very frantic at times.

September 2018 - Richard Tribe joined the traffic team. He has very little experience of the sector but comes in with the great attitude and is keen to learn, something that can be very difficult to find these days. He has a keen eye for the numbers and is bright light for RWT in the future. 

November 2018 - Neville Alderton a company Director takes his first steps towards retirement as he reduces to a 4 day week.

November 2018 - Andy “Postie” Thompson has made rapid progress from Post Man through to newly qualified 8 wheeler driver, to top quality Artic tipper. He knows how it works and has started applying that practical experience to his new job as the newest member of the traffic management team.

Other team members worthy of a mention:

Mark Hoare, Mark joined RWT in 2005 as part of the traffic team. Due to the growth of the company he has diversified and is now the Health and Safety/Compliance Manager. He has huge knowledge of the industry and keeps the drivers on the straight and narrow.

The Drivers - where would we be without them! Like the management team during this period there has been many new drivers join the company as some old ones leave. We have a much lower than average employee churn rate and always have a number of new drivers wanting to join the team. We’re also very proud to assist the younger generation to achieve their dream of becoming a truck driver though the “Warnes Academy” Very important because we’re here for the long term!