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RWT Update

18th December 2019

Things have been busy at RWT and we’ve not been as active online as we’d want to be! We aim to change this in 2020 but here's an overview of what’s been going on:

Company Structure
From the 1st August 2019 two new companies were formed; Warnes Commercials Ltd and the holding company The Warnes Group Ltd.
Our in house Authorised Testing Facility [ATF] and Tachograph Centre now operate under Warnes Commercials Ltd. The ATF and tachograph centre had become big enough to operate on its own, so it was time to split this out. Nothing has changed with the operation except the name, we hope to get its own website setup in 2020.
The holding company The Warnes Group Ltd was incorporated at the same time to set us up for the future. Who knows what exciting opportunities might present themselves...

The company enjoyed a successful harvest period, although prolonged by the weather. We worked much closer with a number of the grain merchants and moved record numbers of loads. It was great to do some pre-planning on the harvest work, its normally all completed on an ad-hoc basis. Having the work pre-booked allowed us to build around it and essentially run more efficiently.

Sugarbeet and Pulp
We are currently half way through the busy beet season and will be ramping the deliveries up this week to cover the Christmas period. Roger remains at the helm of the beet operation running a group of vehicles from his loading shovel. With the sign-off on our latest warehouse we will also be storing record numbers of sugar beet pulp at our Great Dunham depot. The pulp is a by-product from the sugar making process and goes all over the country as animal feed throughout the year.

New Vehicles and record numbers
We continue to purchase 2 new vehicles (1 x DAF CF and 1 x DAF XF) a month from Ford and Slater, some as additions and some as replacements. To keep up with demand we have recently purchased 2 nearly new, used STAS tipper trailers. This bolsters the order we have for 10 new trailers, being delivered throughout 2020 from STAS Trailers UK. With everything that is going on we keep hitting record highs, we call them PB’s  with 99 vehicles out working last week it’s only a matter of time before we hit the 100.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody, we look forward working with you in 2020.