1. For every test the driver/presenter will be expected to comply with all site health and safety requirements, including the wearing of any necessary protective equipment.

2. Cancellations
If you cannot keep your appointment you must give at least 7 calendar days’ notice to avoid any charges.

3. On the day of the test you must ensure that:
• Your vehicle is clean enough to examine, fully roadworthy and has sufficient fuel to carry out the test.
• The VIN/chassis number is firmly attached and legible.
• The driver and vehicle must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to their booked time. We reserve the right to change the booked time by up to 15 minutes without notifying the customer.
• The vehicle does not emit substantial quantities of smoke.
• Any door, tailgate, boot lid, fuel cap, floor coverings or other device capable of being opened or accessed is not locked or fixed in such a way that a thorough check cannot be carried out.
• The vehicle or its contents is not in such a condition that any meaningful check would risk endangering anyone or damaging the vehicle or any other property.
• In the interest of safety, you do not bring any animals (including pets) or children less than 16 years to the test station.
• Under no circumstances should you use a mobile phone when driving a vehicle or assisting with the inspection.

4. LGV and Trailers - Special Notes
4.1. A full list of the requirements for the presentation of vehicles is contained on form VTG12 available from any VOSA test station, if any of these conditions are not met the fee is forfeited and the vehicle will not be tested.
4.2. Please bring these documents with you on the day of the test:
• Current test certificate.
• The current plating certificate or for an unregistered vehicle both type approval documents.
• A legible ministry plate displayed and permanently fixed on the vehicle.
• The ministry identification mark is clearly displayed and permanently fixed on trailers.

5. Loading of Vehicles
5.1. For the purpose of the brake test the load must exceed 65% of the gross vehicle weight or the maximum GB weight, if this is lower. It is an offence to use a vehicle on the road if the weights shown on the plating certificate are exceeded. A test may be refused if a test location cannot carry out a satisfactory brake test. You are therefore strongly advised to comply with the loading instructions shown below;
5.2. Three axle tractor units fitted with air suspension on any of the rear axles must be presented in the laden condition if full braking force on the additional axle is related to the load on the drive axle. To provide sufficient load, such tractor units must be coupled to a semi-trailer loaded so that the drive axle is loaded at, or very close to the plated weight shown on column 2 of the plating certificates and the plate.
5.3. You are strongly advised to present the following vehicles laden: Any multi axle vehicle or trailers (excluding 3 axle semi-trailers) with a bogie weight exceeding 10000kg; vehicles or trailers on which our load simulator cannot be applied above the axles because of the construction of the vehicle. For example, tankers, livestock carriers (livestock is not acceptable as a load for test purposes), or vehicles equipped with large tail lifts, heavy tailgates or long rear overhangs. The only exception to the above will be vehicles or trailers classified as carrying dangerous goods or hazardous substances that cannot be loaded with a safe load.

6. PSV - Special Notes
A full list of requirements for the presentation of vehicles is contained on form VTP12 available from any VOSA test station, if any of these conditions are not met the fee is forfeited and the vehicle will not be tested. Please bring your current test certificate on the day of the test.

7. RPC – Special Notes
Previous RPC certificate must be available for the test (original top copy or the pink counterfoil). If the previous certificate is not available, you must email allowing 3 working days prior to your test booking. The RPC team at Swansea will reply via email with an attached PDF template titled “Confirmation of Eligibility for Subsequent RPC Inspection” giving details of the vehicle registration, date of last test, the prescribed emission standard, modification type, CVLA Euro level and the test standard to be applied. This must then be printed and produced with the vehicle at the time of test.

8. Brake Tests
All break tests are carried out at your own risk. Roger Warnes Transport Ltd are not liable for any damage caused during a break test.

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